Day 5 – Monday

Where the last blog left off was actually driving towards  Tulsa. I thought after a few hours cool down it wouldn’t seem so bad. But nope, it was bad. You see, the bright sparks in Tulsa seem to think it’s perfectly ok to have no cats eyes, road markings on slip roads, roadside lighting, clear signage or even tarmac on slip roads,. These are deemed unnecessary so it’s like driving blind at 60 mph. Also, we had absolutely no idea as to how big Tulsa is. It sounds so small and innocent but no, it is a vast sprawling metropolis of 10, 8 and 6 lane highways, going on for dozens of miles. Our screen grab map to the hotel stood no chance. When we finally reached it, we were bushed, and determined not to venture anywhere far for dinner. So, Ruby Tuesday’s at the end of the street it was, which was in the end was ok, and then we crashed at our actually very nice hotel. We thought we might explore Tulsa the next morning, but to be honest we just couldn’t face it.

Lesson is:

Never ever drive to Tulsa, in Tulsa or around Tulsa, in the dark, unless you’re from there or you have death wish. Got it?

So, deep breaths, no pictures, let’s move on!

p.s. apologies to anyone who is from Tusla, I’m sure it’s lovely if you live there!!


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