Pasadena to Santa Monica!

Day 20 – Monday

Pasadena to Santa Monica!

The final leg! only 20 or so miles, and we are at our destination, after over 3000 miles and nearly three weeks. Exciting and sad all at once. It has been a real adventure and it would be lovely to have another week or so to enjoy the Californian sunshine, and yet there is also some pleasure in a job well done!

Our daily ritual on the trip has been planning ‘tonight’s pit stop’ prior to morning departure. This has been relatively easy so far – a combination of budget, location and reviews – often with less than 20 to choose from. but today is the most difficult decision so far. the very cheapest hotel available is £100 (v basic and poor reviews) and we debate alternative locations,and research sites such as airbnb for better options. Staying outside Santa Monica seems a shame, when it is our ultimate destination! Almost an hour later, enough is enough and we decide on the best ‘premium’ option – the Fairmont. £200 – more than double our most expensive hotel so far – but brilliant locale, reviews and price.

We explore Pasadena for a couple of hours – it’s a pretty upmarket town centre, with shops, bars and restaurants,and a few historical buildings thrown in.

IMG_3442 IMG_3437 IMG_3432 IMG_3454 IMG_3456 IMG_3476 IMG_3462 IMG_3468

Our last leg takes us through Sunset Boulevard, and Santa Monica Boulevard, through Hollywood and Beverley Hills (we spot the Hollywood sign, Rodeo drive and the Beverley Hills Hilton) through to the coast!

IMG_3494 IMG_3517j??????????????????????????????? IMG_3544

Just before 5, we arrive at our destination! Nearly 3,200 miles done! We just need to get our picture with the end of Route 66 sign, but that’s a job for tomorrow, after a champagne celebration tonight!

We did it!



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