Monument Valley!

Day 14

Gallup to Monument Valley

Today we go off piste. Around 180 miles north of Gallup is the sight that is Monument Valley. It doesn’t seem right to be so close, without a stop by, especially as neither of us has been before.

The route there is a series of mainly single carriageways – roads stretching as far as the eye can see, with dramatic rock backdrops and lots of white fluffy clouds. The roads are mainly quiet, and many of the pickup trucks have passengers sitting in the open back…

IMG_1484 IMG_1508 IMG_1551 IMG_1555 IMG_1633 IMG_1647 IMG_1686 IMG_1700 IMG_1704 IMG_1706 IMG_1709 IMG_1718 IMG_1732 IMG_1735

There is little in terms of significant or large settlements. However, one super stop off is the Hubbell Trading Post, which was established in 1876, before the introduction of currency (which arrived in 1910). You can still exchange goods for goods there today, or pay cash if you prefer! It is like stepping back in time – I particularly like the grocery section with rows and rows of cans, jars and bottles.

IMG_5259 ??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? IMG_1585 IMG_1580 IMG_1575 IMG_1569

Today we actually visit 3 states. New Mexico – Arizona – Utah, and then back into Arizona. Utah is the bonus state! We are only there for a few miles, but we got the sign!

IMG_1770 IMG_1773 IMG_1774 IMG_5260

Eventually, Monument Valley, arriving just before sundown, and what an amazing sight?! We are staying at ‘The View’ Hotel, which simply says it all. Every one of the bedrooms here has a magnificent view too and ours is no exception.  I’ll let the pictures say it all.

IMG_1781 IMG_1784 IMG_1789 IMG_1799 IMG_1809 IMG_1826 ??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? image1 (1) image2

Tomorrow we do the 17 mile drive around the Valley, before heading back south to re-join Route 66 as we explore more of Arizona!

Would now escape for a sundowner, except it’s a Navajo dry hotel. Good job we have beers in the car boot 😉


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